Current Alliances in International Intellectual Property Lawmaking: The Emergence and Impact of Mega-Regionals

Date period
23 August 2017

ICTSD is pleased to publish the fourth issue in the CEIPI-ICTSD series on Global Perspectives and Challenges for the Intellectual Property System produced jointly with the Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI). The new issue, edited by Pedro Roffe and Xavier Seuba, explores the impact of plurilateralism on intellectual property law.

The chapters making up the volume review systemic, substantive and enforcement-related issues that have been the focus of attention of trade agreements negotiated after the establishment of the WTO in 1994.  Since then, the number of free trade agreements has burgeoned. The new volume analyses the past, the current context, and the most recently negotiated trade agreements, namely those of a plurilateral nature. Importantly, it considers the impact and possible scenarios brought about by the present impasse surrounding the future of these agreements and, more generally, the consequences of plurilateralism and the implications of these trends for the international system.

The volume includes papers authored by prominent scholars with contributions by Thomas Cottier, Frederick M. Abbott, Mira Burri, Peter K. Yu, Padmashree Gehl Sampath, Pedro Roffe, and Xavier Seuba.

The CEIPI-ICTSD publication series provides high quality academic and policy-oriented papers dealing with topics that are of global relevance because of their normative pre-eminence, economic relevance, and socio-economic impact.

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