Intellectual Property and Digital Trade in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Date period
27 June 2018

ICTSD is pleased to publish the fifth issue in the CEIPI-ICTSD series on Global Perspectives and Challenges for the Intellectual Property System, produced jointly with the Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI).

This new issue elaborates on changes in modes of innovation, production, and commercialisation of innovation, which relate closely to intellectual property law and competition. The chapters that make up this volume contribute to a better understanding of the legal complexities and social and economic opportunities arising from technologies that lay the foundation for a new industrial revolution.

The publication contains two largely interdependent sections.

Part One: From Digital Trade to Commercialisation and Management of Intellectual Property includes contributions by Keith E. Maskus, Yann Ménière and Ilja Rudyk, Sean M. O’Connor, Catalina Martínez, Peter Bittner, and Alissa Zeller.

Part Two: Regulating and Using Big Data in the Digital World includes contributions by Reto Hilty, Christophe Geiger, Giancarlo Frosio, and Oleksandr Bulayenko, Ryan Abbott, Timo Minssen and Jens Schovsbo, Francesco Lissoni and Gabriele Cristelli, and Claudia Jamin.

The CEIPI-ICTSD publication series provides high quality academic and policy-oriented papers dealing with topics that are of global relevance because of their normative pre-eminence, economic relevance, and socio-economic impact.

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