Negotiating Disciplines on Domestic Regulations in Services

Date period
11 June 2018

This policy brief seeks to provide a birds-eye perspective on current and possible future developments on services domestic regulations in the context of the World Trade Organization. The Joint Ministerial Statement on Services Domestic Regulations (WT/MIN(17)/61) issued by 58 members at the WTO’s Eleventh Ministerial Conference in December 2017, provides new impetus on this topic while reaffirming the commitment to “advancing negotiations on the basis of recent proposals as set out in WT/MIN(17)/7/Rev.2 and related discussions in the WPDR [Working Party on Domestic Regulation] and future contributions by Members to deliver a multilateral outcome.” The brief presents the most salient issues around the organisation of these discussions on domestic regulations as well as possible options of relevance for the development of frameworks for international and multilateral rule-making in this area.