What Is The Best Private Equity Database?


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What Is The Best Private Equity Database?

Bloomberg lists the top 10 venture capital and private equity data providers. The Mattermark is a mark of quality. FACTSET. List of angels. The IVC Research Center is located in Vienna. Thefinitiv is a refinitive. The Crunchbase website. A pitchbook.

Is Crunchbase Better Than PitchBook?

As well, Pitchbook (PB) has the best coverage and quality across all founder-related categories. In terms of funding information, we find that Crunchbase (CB) dominates coverage in terms of rounds reported and total capital committed, even though VS seems to provide the best coverage and quality.

What Is The Preqin Database?

The alternative assets market is provided with financial data and information by Preqin, as well as tools to assist investors. According to the company’s own definition, its data includes private capital and hedge funds, as well as fund, fund manager, investor, and deal information, as well as market-wide benchmarks.

What Do People Use PitchBook For?

pitchbook is a sales document created by an investment bank or firm that describes the main characteristics of the firm, which is then used by the sales force of the firm to help sell products and services.

How Reliable Is PitchBook?

A comprehensive and detailed dataset: PitchBook was a reliable source of information on the most recent private capital market transactions, as well as the key investors who participated.

What Is The Largest Private Equity Company?





The Blackstone Group

New York City


The Carlyle Group

Washington D.C.


KKR & Co.

New York City


CVC Capital Partners


How Useful Is Crunchbase?

Startups looking for seed capital from angel investors or venture capital funding can benefit from Crunchbase, especially if they are growing rapidly. You can also use Crunchbase for online businesses, media and advertising businesses, ecommerce businesses, and consulting firms.

Is Crunchbase Legitimate?

You can find companies that have received funding and have money to scale and use for customer acquisition on Crunchbase. The daily emails I receive from companies have led me to go after them and I have gotten many meetings from doing so. We can always rely on this information to be accurate.

Who Are PitchBook Competitors?

  • The Bloomberg Terminal.
  • The S&P Capital IQ Platform is a powerful business intelligence tool.
  • The FactSet Research Management system provides research management services.
  • The Refinitiv Eikon report.
  • It is AlphaSense that is used.
  • Sentieo.
  • Global Market Intelligence from S&P.
  • YCharts.
  • Where Does Preqin Get Its Data?

    Most of its data is collected through voluntary contributions and direct contact with market participants. Colmore, a leading private market technology, services, and administration company, was acquired by Preqin in August 2021.

    What Is PitchBook Database?

    Inc. is a provider of data and analytics to the business world. PitchBook Platform is a subscription-only database that includes analytical tools that help users make sense of the information it collects about companies, investors, deals, mergers and acquisitions, funds, advisors, and people.

    Who Are Preqin Competitors?

    In addition to Preqin, Acropolis Capital, Summit, Putnam Investments, and Marondo are also competitors. Alternative asset market data and information is provided by Preqin. The company provides investment solutions to investors.

    How Many Employees Does PitchBook Have?

    In 2016, PitchBook employed 1,200 people worldwide. In 2017, the company employed more than twice as many.

    How Much Does A PitchBook Cost?

    There is a $20K/year contract requirement and annual renewals, but it does seem wayyy better than Crunchbase etc.

    What Kind Of Company Is PitchBook?

    Inc. is a provider of data and analytics to the business world. Data, research, and technology are provided by the company for the private capital markets, including venture capital, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions.

    How Does PitchBook Get Valuation Data?

    In comparison to other valuation methods, PitchBook is much more accurate. In this section, we begin with a company’s cap table and series terms. Using a proprietary formula, our analysts calculate market cap in the same way as publicly traded companies, incorporating factors such as the number of shares and the option pool.

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