The last couple of years have hit us all extremely hard in terms of our finances. As a product of the pandemic, many of us have unfortunately lost our jobs while others had their businesses foreclose. It would be hard to find anyone right now that hasn’t taken a hit financially. Though we have all taken financial hits, the bills that we need to pay and the food that we need to pay for haven’t become any cheaper.  Because of this, a lot of us have unfortunately found ourselves in difficult positions, which means the amount of loans taken out every day has drastically increased.  

With the vast increase of people that need loans, it has also become increasingly difficult to acquire a loan. In fact, most banks require some form of collateral before they will even accept a loan. This is especially the case if you are someone that has found themselves in a difficult position with their business, as banks require larger collateral in order to offer up a business loan.  

It can be extremely confusing when trying to learn information about online title loansand to know whether or not you have the property to make you eligible for a loan, but to make it easier for you we have compiled a list of items that banks will accept as business loan collateral.  


One of the most common things that people who want a loan will offer as collateral is property that they own. Pretty much any bank will immediately accept property as business loan collateral.  Property is so quickly accepted due to the fact that it is usually worth a lot and can increase in value over time. If the person that has taken out the loan fails to pay the loan back, property can be resold at a price that is higher than the loan itself.  

Banks usually take preference in people using their own personal homes as property collateral. This is because people are more likely to repay their loan if there is a personal attachment to their collateral, so if you are in a position where you can offer your own home as collateral, it would be recommended that you do so- if you can repay the loan. 


Though it isn’t necessarily considered to be collateral property, banks are very eager to accept guarantors when you are applying for a loan. Sometimes physical property can be a tricky thing to depend on, as physical collateral can decrease in worth, which could result in the bank losing out on money.  

Having another person dependent on you completing your loan is very appealing for banks, especially if it is someone that you are close to – like a family member. Having a guarantor means that the bank will be able to source their money if the person who took out the loan is unable to pay.  

Having someone that you know as a guarantor is also very encouraging in terms of making sure that you make the payments of your loan as you won’t want to let down one of your friends or family members, which the bank depends on. 


If you have a business then it is likely that you have inventory that you either sell or use to complete your offered service. Using your inventory as collateral is very common in the world of business loans, this is because your business usually depends on this inventory and so if you don’t pay your loan back, then you won’t make the profit that you need to in order to allow your business to thrive. 


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