Who Is The Private Equity That Owns Cke?


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Who Is The Private Equity That Owns Cke?

Located in Franklin, Tennessee, CKE Restaurants is a subsidiary of Roark Capital Group, a private equity firm. CKE Restaurants operated or franchised locations in 44 states, 43 foreign countries, and US territories as of October 2020.

Is CKE Public?

Carpinteria-based CKE Restaurants, the parent company of Carl’s Jr., operates the restaurant chain. The company, which owns Hardees and other restaurant chains, was sold to an Atlanta-based private equity firm. In 2010, Apollo Global acquired CKE for about $1 billion, taking it private from public ownership.

Who Owns Roark Capital?

Neal Aronson, founder of Roark Capital, has helped the firm grow to include CKE and Arby’s, two of the most recognized quick-service restaurants.

Is Hardees A Publicly Traded Company?

CKE Restaurant Inc. owns Hardee’s, one of its brands. Carpinteria, California-based CKE is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “CKR.”.

Who Is The CEO Of CKE Restaurants?

CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Ned Lyerly discusses the success of Carl’s Jr. As a result of the pandemic, Hardee’s and Burger King closed.

How Many CKE Locations Are There?

According to the latest data, there were over 3,800 franchised or company-operated restaurants in 44 states, 43 foreign countries, and US territories as of October 2020.

Where Is CKE’s Headquarters?

Franklin, TNCKE Restaurants / Headquarters

Is Roark Capital Group American Owned?




Private equity




Atlanta, Georgia , United States

Does Roark Capital Own Massage Envy?

Roark Capital Group, an Atlanta-based private equity firm with a focus on investing in franchise and brand management companies, announced today that its affiliate has acquired Massage Envy, LLC, the nation’s largest provider of massage therapy and facial treatments.

Who Is The CEO Of Roark Capital Group?

Aronson, Neal K. Managing Partner and Founder of Roark Capital Group.

Does Roark Capital Own Inspire Brands?

Arby’s, Baskin-Robbins, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dunkin’, Jimmy John’s, Rusty Taco, and SONIC Drive-In are among the brands owned by Inspire Brands. Atlanta, Georgia-based company was founded in 2018. Roark Capital owns the majority of Inspire.

What Is Hardee’s Stock Symbol?

Proposed Symbol


Share Price

$14.00 – 16.00


20300 (as of 05/21/2012)



Shares Offered


Is Hardees And Carls Jr The Same?

Jr. is still a popular restaurant, it is not as fast as it used to be. Considering the vastly different origins of Hardee’s and Hardee’s, it may seem surprising that they have met at all, given their vastly different concepts and business models.

Is Carl’s Jr Publicly Traded?

Carl’s Jr. owner says he is considering selling the restaurant. There will be 13 Hardee’s locations and one Starbucks. The company is offering 3 million shares for between $14 and $16 per share in its IPO. In the United States, Hardee’s operates more than 1,900 restaurants. 1981 was the year when it went public in the U.S. and abroad. The company was taken private by Apollo Management in 2010.

Which Came First Hardees Or Carls Jr?

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s were founded in 1960 by Wilber Hardee in Greenville, North Carolina. Founded in 1941 by a bread truck driver named Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret, the company began as a hot dog cart in Los Angeles.

Who Owns CKE Restaurants?

CKE Restaurants / Owners of Roark Capital Group

Who Is The CEO Of Hardees?

Puzder, Andrew (Jun 2000-)Hardee’s / CEO

Who Is The Current CEO Of Carl’s Jr?

Owner of CKE Restaurants, Ned Lyerly (Apr 12, 2019-). The Franklin, Tennessee-based chain named Ned Lyerly its new CEO on Friday, effective immediately, after a shakeup at the company.

Who Is Ned Lyerly?

CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. is led by Ned Lyerly, Chief Executive Officer.

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