As more and more regions around the world become more industrialized and business rich we can now see more and more differences in how businesses in specific parts of the world operate in a more unique way to others. Within Canada, you may have noticed that the way in which many businesses are made and how they operate is much different when you compare it to the way that many successful US businesses are run.

It seems that the social lifestyle factors which are significantly different across the US and across Canada have a significant effect on the techniques that businesses must use in order to accommodate the customers in their location. As there are many differences between the demographics and customer groups that are present both in Calgary, Canada, and the US it makes total sense that the businesses would have to operate in different ways so they could be successful in their locations.

A business landscape is defined as the fundamental components of a business and the methods that a specific company uses to become successful and how they operate. As you can expect certain environments and locations require a more specialized marketing and operating technique that will attract the right kind of people to your business and increase the chances of them going ahead and investing with your company.


Advertising and Marketing Methods

One of the main differences between the business landscape in Calgary in Canada would have to be the way in which certain companies advertise their content and the services that they provide. Where many retailers rely upon lavish methods such as television adverts and huge LED billboards to show off their brand, the methods that are used within much Canadian advertising is through the innovative use of free social media platforms

Where many US businesses are spending a fortune on getting the most high profile spaces to advertise their services much of Canada’s business success has come from the innovative use of funding. The main benefit of using social media as a marketing tool is the fact that it is free to create an account on social media, and by simply posting a daily post you have the opportunity to reach a hugely diverse customer group and make them aware of your brand. Sensible allocation of funding seems to be a higher priority within the world of Canadian business rather than the mainstream attitude that a fortune needs to be spent on advertising, although advertising and effective marketing is key to any business when there are strong opportunities that are more affordable it makes sense to focus your efforts on this aspect.


The difference in The Types of Sectors

Another big difference between the Canadian and American business landscape would be the areas where the most important sectors and retailers differ in certain areas. In the more rural areas of America, we see a huge increase in the amount of smaller businesses offering more natural products, such as farmers’ markets and other independent fresh food retailers. In the main cities, you will find that the focus is on more luxurious goods such as technology and expensive fashion items. Whereas in Canada there is generally a more varied range of businesses each offering a variety of different items with a mix of expensive and more affordable price ranges. It seems that the more unique independently owned businesses do much better in terms of success rate and profits in Canada than they would in the US due to the huge amount of big mainstream corporations that small businesses have to compete with.

An example of a smaller company that has done very well for itself would have to be the image line painting company in Calgary, their focus on offering an affordable yet professional service with interior painting has made them one to watch in the industry. It is arguable that this painting and decoration business would not have seen the same rate of success if they were to open in the US, due to the fact that there are already some very well known and trusted brands in existence that would be strong competition.



Another reason why the business landscape is so different in Calgary than what it is in the Us is the difference in trade routes and the fact that Canada has such a variety of trade and import options available to them. Canada is very lucky to have access to over twenty-four international airports, seventeen seaports, and over one hundred and seventeen different border crossings into the US. With all of these resources at their disposal, it is very clear that Canadian companies do not have to worry about their trade routes as much as those in the US.


Levels of Education

A final factor that has contributed to the difference in business is the standard levels of education which are very different in the US and Calgary, Canada. It seems that there is more importance placed on higher education in Canada with almost fifty-eight percent of Canadians between the ages of 35 and 64 entering higher education at some point in their lives. This would mean that a higher percentage of the population is educated to a higher level making a more talented workforce more accessible, the graduate rate in America is not a sign and the number of self-starting business owners is also much higher.

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