What Can an Investment Facilitation Agreement at the WTO Do for...
EU Negotiators Strike Deals on Three Clean Energy Files, Eyeing 2030...
Supporting Small-Scale Cross-Border Traders Across Africa

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22 June 2018
The fourth industrial revolution is transforming the productive matrix around the world: accelerated automation will affect integration and trade in Latin America. Latin America...
21 June 2018
Over the past few days, negotiators from the European Commission, Parliament, and Council have reached political agreements on three major legislative proposals under the European Commission’s Clean Energy Package , namely those on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy union governance...
21 June 2018
The past fortnight has seen a series of developments in the US-China trading relationship, amid announcements from the US on the planned imposition of tariffs covering thousands of Chinese products, while hinting at the potential for more, and responses from Beijing that their government is...
21 June 2018
On Monday 18 June, the EU and Australia formally launched negotiations on a free trade agreement (FTA). European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström travelled to meet with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Australian Minister for Trade Steven Ciobo in Canberra, Australia to begin the...
18 June 2018
World Trade Organization rules can be used affirmatively to combat climate change by imposing new and more specific trade disciplines on fossil fuel subsidies. Decisions must be...
11 June 2018
Continued expansion of the multilateral agenda through the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement and beyond, or Facilitation 2.0, represents a coherent basis for...
8 June 2018
The growing share of intangible components in the final value of goods, coupled with the increasing ease of access to digital technologies, platforms, and advanced capital goods,...
7 June 2018
Regional trade agreement dispute settlement is prejudiced by the lack of a support structure for panels. Using an external body – as proposed in the EU-Japan Economic Partnership...
5 June 2018
Small-scale cross-border trade can play a fundamental role in contributing to poverty reduction and food security across Africa. How can it be supported to ensure that it delivers its full development potential? Sub-Saharan African economies have been inextricably linked for centuries. Traders,...
4 June 2018
Building on an overview of the economic and development rationale behind investment facilitation in today’s world economy, this article provides five reasons why facilitation of...
23 May 2018
Disputes between the United States and China regarding transfer of technology and intellectual property are of long-standing nature. The more economically significant elements of...
22 June 2018
Всемирный банк представил доклад «Перемещение в поисках процветания: глобальная миграция и рынки труда» , согласно которому крупные и устойчивые расхождения в уровнях оплаты труда в мире являются основными движущими факторами экономической миграции из стран с низким уровнем дохода в страны с...
22 June 2018
El presidente de Bolivia, Evo Morales, culminó su recorrido por Europa y Asia con el anuncio de diversos acuerdos comerciales y de inversiones con China y Rusia. Estos acuerdos se concentrarán en la explotación hidrocarburífera y en la actividad comercial. Se espera que la apertura de estos dos...


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