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12 July 2018
The first instalment of the US’ Section 301 tariffs on China took effect on Friday 6 July, targeting US$34 billion worth of Chinese products with an ad valorem tariff of 25 percent. The sectors affected by the tariffs include automobiles, aerospace, information and communications technology, and...
12 July 2018
Last week, delegates and trade ministers from BRICS economies met in Magaliesburg, South Africa to discuss ways to strengthen the multilateral trade system and foster closer economic cooperation between BRICS member countries on a range of policy areas, including e-commerce. The meeting comes as...
12 July 2018
The Brexit negotiations saw a series of landmark developments over the past week, with UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet endorsing a statement outlining the “UK vision” for the country’s future relationship with the European Union, ahead of another round of negotiations with EU officials next...
5 July 2018
While economic ties between China and African countries have vastly expanded over the past decades, falling commodity prices and rising debt levels risk reversing this process. Can China’s Belt and Road Initiative reinvigorate the relationship? Economic links between China and Africa have increased...
5 July 2018
As Chinese firms and capital play an increasingly dominant role in African infrastructure development, what are the potential opportunities for promoting sustainable development? And what social and environmental risks could this trend entail? Across African cities, Chinese-emblazoned signs litter...
29 June 2018
A border carbon adjustment could be applied to countries who currently do not have a carbon price on pollution. Revenues from these taxes could be used towards environmental and...
27 June 2018
Bridges Africa and Passerelles discussed trade and sustainable development with Fatoumata Jallow-Tambajang, Vice President of The Gambia, Kamrang Tekreth, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia, and Hassan Come, Minister of Commerce and Industry of the Central African Republic (...
22 June 2018
The fourth industrial revolution is transforming the productive matrix around the world: accelerated automation will affect integration and trade in Latin America. Latin America...
18 June 2018
World Trade Organization rules can be used affirmatively to combat climate change by imposing new and more specific trade disciplines on fossil fuel subsidies. Decisions must be...
11 June 2018
Continued expansion of the multilateral agenda through the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement and beyond, or Facilitation 2.0, represents a coherent basis for...
18 July 2018
Члены ВТО провели двухгодичный обзор торговой и макроэкономической политики Китая 11–13 июля 2018 г. в Женеве. Обзор торговой политики Китая, одного из четырех крупнейших в мире участников международной торговли, проходит каждые два года, но с 2019 г. этот интервал изменится на три года. Члены ВТО...
18 July 2018
Entre el 9 y 13 de julio, China y Panamá realizaron su primera ronda de negociaciones para la implementación de un tratado de libre comercio (TLC) entre ambos países. En estos días China también ha acordado con funcionarios de Perú realizar una modernización del TLC que se encuentra vigente entre...
17 July 2018
В ходе первой полномасштабной встречи президентов России и США 16 июля 2018 г. в Хельсинки стороны обсудили вопросы о распространении ядерного оружия, военных конфликтах и их урегулировании, терроризме, экономике, ситуации в Украине, Сирии и радикальном исламизме. Президенты России и США начали...


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