Announcement: Closure of ICTSD
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30 November 2018
It is with sadness that we must announce that due to an untenable financial situation ICTSD will cease operations in its current form as of 30 November 2018. We would like to...
27 November 2018
This article considers rising youth unemployment in West Africa and the role of trade and migration in meeting this challenge. Lessons and opportunities can be drawn from the...
26 November 2018
The leaders of the G20 will meet on 30 November and 1 December in Buenos Aires for their annual summit. They need to acknowledge that the last two years have been characterised by strong headwinds for the world economy . This time, however, it is not a mixture of poor macroeconomic policies and bad...
19 November 2018
Preferential trade agreements (PTAs) can be used by signatory countries to manage their participation in global value chains as well as cross-border migration flows. The inclusion...
19 November 2018
The proliferation of regional and bilateral preferential trade agreements has spurred a dynamic evolution of “mode 4” provisions well beyond the standard acquired in the WTO...
16 November 2018
Gender is being mainstreamed into several recent trade agreements and negotiations. Gender-specific data and gender-sensitive impact assessments should guide negotiations. The...
14 November 2018
There is a need to introduce some flexibility into global trade policies and institutions given the current trade tensions, anti-globalisation sentiments, and the large number of countries that participate in WTO negotiations. Large food net importers and large food net exporters have common and...
13 November 2018
On its seventieth anniversary, the multilateral trading system faces heightened risk and policy uncertainty . In the face of these risks, G20 leaders have a historic...
12 November 2018
Substantive standards in new international investment agreements converge, including between Europe and North America. Typical features of convergence include market access...
7 November 2018
25 years of access and benefit sharing in international treaties and national laws have not yielded the expected results nor satisfied the expectations of many countries. We must...
6 November 2018
African women are frequently over-represented in cross-border trade; however, their specific needs are insufficiently addressed. The migration aspect of cross-border trade...
30 October 2018
Intra-African migration has a strong pro-trade effect. It contributes to greater intra-African trade in products and services, generates revenues for governments and regions, while addressing the continent’s broader development challenges. Migration can be a catalyst for the continent’s socio-...
30 October 2018
Japan has traditionally imposed one of the most stringent immigration policies among developed nations. But with aging demographics, its increasingly critical labour shortage is...

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